About us

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Our Iberian products are a reflection of the environment in which they are born: the meadow, a gift of nature where our specimens grow and develop to provide the best Iberian products.

In Castro y González our priority is the care and sustainable development of this source of life and we are aware that each of the streams, oaks, cork oaks, plains and springs of our meadows are a fundamental part of our Iberian products.

Research, Development and Innovation: the way to excellence.

In González y Castro we believe in a more sustainable and healthy world through respect for nature, the quality of our products and the constant attention to our consumers’ needs.

To make this possible, we invest a big part of our resources in continuously improving the genetics and the feeding of our Iberian specimens, the innovation and implementation of new natural drying, salting, post-salting processes together with the development of new forms of presentation of our products to consumers and the constant improvement of our quality processes and controls.

In turn, our continuous passion for what we do and the deep concern to share it with our customers, combined with the respect and protection of the environment, are reflected in our new brand, symbol of a spirit that was born over 100 years ago. Welcome to Castro y González

Three generations,

Since 1910, the Castro y Gonzalez family has had the mision to create natural Iberian products and share their passion for the natural environment of the Iberian pig with its customers.

This passion and expertise have been passed on from Grandfather Aurelio to the present day, Miguel González and his two sons Aurelio and Miguel González now continuing this mission.