Castro y González Fusión

Castro y González Fusión

The value of finding the perfect combination.

The biodiversity of the Iberian Peninsula offers a variety of opportunities to create new culinary experiences.
In Castro y González we have mixed our knowledge within the world of ham, the cold climate of Guijuelo and the temperature changes in the mountain range of Huelva to obtain our Castro y Gonzalez Fusión ham, an experience reserved for the most daring tastes.

The Castro y González Fusión ham is born out of our Iberian specimens raised free-range throughout the Spanish “Dehesa”  feeding on acorn, grass and cereals.
This ham rests in our curing cellars for 12 months where it is exposed to the cold and constant temperatures of Guijuelo. It is there where it absorbs its sweet taste and where it prepares to travel towards the most variable climatology we can find in the mountain range of Huelva.

Our Castro y González Fusión ham will merge with the mists of the Atlantic for another 24 months gaining strength and a profound bouquet. The result, an exceptional ham suitable only for those who want to experience something different.

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