Castro y González Selection

Castro y González Selection Ham

A secure warranty.

Castro y González Selection is a ham which is very similar to the Iberian acorn fed ham; it is extended, with a black hoof which is damaged because of their long walks in the hacienda. Its fat is slightly darker than the one in the Iberian acorn fed Castro y González and its proportion is lower, providing them with a smoother bouquet which is more pleasant on the palate. It is cured for at least 36 months and fed on carefully chosen natural crops. Castro y González is a warranty of taste and quality.Download product information sheet

Castro y González Selection Shoulder Ham

The perfect combination of aroma and taste.

The slimline of Castro and González Selection shoulder presents an excellent balance between its sweet taste and its deep aroma to the palate. Exactly the same as Castro y González ham, the tone of its fat is darker and more reduced than the one of its acorn fed homonyms. The minimum curing period for Castro y González Selection shoulder is 24 months.Download product information sheet

Deboned Castro y Gonzalez Selection Ham and Shoulder

Practical products for the professionals.

Our Castro y González Selection ham and shoulder are deboned and presented in a practical way in a vacuum packing; they are ready to be cut by the hands of professionals who want to offer their clients the highest quality in the most practical way.Download product information sheet

Castro y González Selection Pork loin

Adobo and pasture are joined together.

Castro y González Selection Loin has the unmistakable taste of Grandpa Aurelio’s adobo traditional recipe; field aroma, sweet taste and light to the palate which go together with the dark red, bordeaux-coloured lean meat with thin, long and white veins.Download product information sheet

Castro y González Selection Chorizo

Red taste.

It has a slightly smoother taste than our acorn fed Chorizo. Castro y González Selection chorizo offers an intense red tone  with white veins which is slightly dyed with the paprika used in its processing. Its shorter seasoning period together with the prey used inDownload product information sheet

Castro y González Selection Salchichón

Black pepper aroma and taste.

The most important aspect of our Castro y González Selection salchichón is the quality of its meat and the perfect balance of aroma and taste thanks to the black pepper used in its processing. It is an ideal treat for the lovers of the ancestral aroma of this spice.Download product information sheet