Iberian acorn-fed products

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

A masterpiece of nature.

Our acorn-fed Iberian ham is recognized by its elongated shape and its dark and worn hoof, typical of specimens exercised in the field. It has an intense and brilliant colour with great presence of white streaks in its texture. In its tasting, an intense and persistent aroma is appreciated, touches of nuts and countryside are perceived, obtaining a juicy balance between the degree of salinity and the careful curing combined with a long and pleasant aftertaste which further defines the experience this masterpiece of nature provides the palate with.Download product information sheet

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham

The essence of the meadows on your palate.

Smaller in size and weight than ham, our acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham has a more circular and less elongated shape than the former. Its uniform and bright colour with white-nacreous fatty streaks is a prelude to its acorn accented flavour, sweet aroma, and sweet, accentuated and intense aroma which, combined with a noticeable final aftertaste, evoke the landscape of our pastures.Download product information sheet

Acorn-fed iberian sliced products

All the taste and experience of cutting by hand.

The expertise of our cutters and the flavour properties of our acorn-fed Iberian products are vacuum packed for later enjoyment. Our expert cutters endow each slice of the suitable size and thickness so as to obtain the greatest possible flavour and aroma. Easy, convenient. Perfect enjoyment for the senses.Download product information sheet

Deboned iberian acorn-fed ham and shoulder

Just open and cut.

They are thought to ease the labour to professionals. We have deboned and vacuum packed our Iberian acorn fed hams and shoulders through a process which keeps all their aroma and taste saving time and effort to only offer clients the experience of enjoying our products.Download product information sheet

Acorn-fed Iberian Loin

Grandpa Aurelio’s marinade.

Our acorn-fed Iberian lomo is deep burgundy red with pearly shaded marbled fat, a soft and oily touch, an intense and persistent flavour and an intense and pleasant aroma. The slow process of natural drying and its marinade made with peppers and natural spices used by the family for three generations, give our acorn-fed Iberian lomo an unparalleled bouquet.Download product information sheet

Natural acorn-fed iberian Chorizo

Culinary craftsmanship.

Made with the finest Iberian lean meat from our specimens, our acorn-fed Iberian chorizo regales our sight with an intense orange red color, has a soft and medium hard touch and an intense aroma that highlights the mild paprika used in its preparation. With their intense and penetrating flavour awarded by the Iberian game used in processing, our Iberian chorizos conquer the most demanding palates.Download product information sheet

Natural acorn-fed iberian Salchichón

Balance of flavours.

The noblest pieces of our Iberian specimens such as the Iberian game, are used to produce our acorn-fed Iberian salchichón in a traditional way. An intense aroma, a juicy texture and a special balance between fat, lean meat and black pepper, give our salchichón a subtle natural exquisiteness.Download product information sheet

Vela acorn-fed iberian Chorizo

The unmistakable aroma of adobo and spices.

Our Vela Chorizo shares the same characteristics as our Iberian acorn fed chorizo, but with a smaller calibre. Vela chorizo goes through a shorter curing process which slightly smoothes its aroma and colour, providing it with a more marked spices and Iberian prey taste.Download product information sheet

Vela acorn-fed iberian Salchichón

Thin and juicy.

Our Iberian acorn fed Vela sausage is thinner than regular sausages and requires a shorter curing period. This emphasizes its juiciness and prominent aromatic pepper flavour. The smoothness of its Iberian prey meat is a pleasure for the most demanding palate.Download product information sheet

Acorn-fed iberian Longaniza

Handmade preparation.

With their juicy, tender flesh and a velvety smooth touch, our acorn-fed Iberian sausages provide a sweet and mild aroma having a unique and incomparable flavour because of the Iberian game, a minor curing time and the subtle touches of the natural spices used in its handmade preparation.Download product information sheet

Acorn-fed iberian morcón

A delight for the senses.

The development of our morcón is similar to the chorizo’s, but differs from the latter because of its grinding into bigger pieces which involves a longer and more delicate drying process. Its appearance seems to have more orange marbling that comes from the paprika and Iberian game used in its preparation. It preserves all the chorizo’s flavour nuances, but gains in juiciness due to the large size of its meat. Intense aroma, strong flavour, of the countryside. A delight for the senses.Download product information sheet