Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Pluma Pack

138,00 IVA incluido

12 frozen pieces in 3 vacuum bags. Approximate weight: 3.1 – 3.5 kg

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Shipping weight 4,2 kg
Ficha de producto

Ingredientes: Carne de cerdo de bellota 100% ibérico

Valores nutricionales: N/A

Alérgenos: NO CONTIENE

Días de consumo preferente: 730

Condiciones especiales de conservación: conservar a – 18ᵒ Centígrados

This small and delicate piece, located on the back of the spine, is sometimes left attached to it for processing of the highest quality sausages or “embutidos”. That is why it has been little known in the past. Today it is a highly demanded cut that conquers the most demanding tables. It is tasty and elegant, with a perfect balance between muscle and fat. Simply put it on the grill or pan and enjoy a wonderful and delicate range of aromas and flavors that allow us to travel with our imagination to the pasture where these animals were raised.