Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Secreto Pack

115,00 IVA incluido

8 frozen pieces in 4 vacuum bags. Approximate weight: 3 – 3.3 kg

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Shipping weight 4,5 kg
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Ingredientes: Carne de cerdo de bellota 100% ibérico

Valores nutricionales: N/A

Alérgenos: NO CONTIENE

Días de consumo preferente: 730

Condiciones especiales de conservación: conservar a – 18ᵒ Centígrados

This cut, well known and consumed, is found at the upper end of the skirt, hidden between the shoulder and the bacon of the animal. It seems that this hidden location derives its name. It has a lot of infiltrated fat and therefore, when preparing it on the grill, which is how it is most enjoyed, our Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Secreto becomes a delight, the aromas that the animal has incorporated thanks to its care and its diet expand and, on the palate they elegantly contrast roasted fat and undercooked muscle.