Acorn-Fed 75% Iberian Ham

430,00 IVA incluido

Aprox. weight: 8 – 8.5 kg

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Shipping weight 8,5 kg
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Ingredientes: Jamón de bellota ibérico – de cerdo, Sal, Antioxidantes (E-331iii, E-301), Conservador (E-252) , Azúcar y Dextrosa

Valores nutricionales: "(Medios por 100 g): Valor energético: 1407 kJ/336 kcal, Grasas: 18,1 de las cuales saturadas 6,1 Hidratos de carbono < 1 de los cuales azúcares <0,5 Proteínas 43,4 Sal 4,2"

Alérgenos: NO CONTIENE

Días de consumo preferente: 365

Condiciones especiales de conservación: conservar en lugar fresco y seco

Our Acorn-fed 75% Iberian Ham is recognized for its elongated shape with a dark and worn hoof, typical of the specimens
trained in the field. It has an intense and bright color with a great presence of white streaks. An intense and persistent
aroma is appreciated on the palate and hints of nuts and field are perceived, obtaining a juicy balance between the degree
of salinity and careful curing, together with a long and pleasant aftertaste that further completes the experience of this nature´s master piece.