“Fusion” Castro y Gonzalez Ham

340,00 IVA incluido

Aprox. weight: 8 – 8.5 kg

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Shipping weight 8,5 kg
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Ingredientes: Jamón de cerdo, Sal, Antioxidantes (E-331iii, E-301), Conservador (E-252) , Azúcar y Dextrosa

Valores nutricionales: (Medios por 100 g): Valor energético: 1407 kJ/336 kcal, Grasas: 18,1 de las cuales saturadas 6,1 Hidratos de carbono < 1 de los cuales azúcares <0,5 Proteínas 43,4 Sal 4,2

Alérgenos: NO CONTIENE

Días de consumo preferente: 365

Condiciones especiales de conservación: conservar en lugar fresco y seco

Our Castro y González “Fusión” Ham is born from our Iberian pigs that graze in freedom. During its curing, this Ham rests for 18 months in our cellars, where it is tempered in the cold and constant temperatures of Guijuelo and it is there where it takes on a sweet and smooth flavor, and where it prepares to start a journey towards the most variable weather that we find. in the Sierra de Huelva. Thus, our Ham Castro y González “Fusión” will melt into the fogs of the Atlantic for 18 more months, gaining strength and deep bouquet. The result, an exceptional Ham suitable only for those looking for something different.