The evolution through a brand

The big challenge for a hero is in the heart, not in the opponent

_Michael Crichton


Evolution, changes, adaptation to the new challenges posed by today’s markets and proximity of the brand to the final customer were the challenges posed by Castro y González to the Kollective team as part of its strategic plan for 2013-2014.

One of the main elements that represents the mission, vision and values of a company is the brand and its updating, the spearhead of a whole plan for the future of a family company that already has the leadership of the third generation.

The preliminary study:
Learn from the travelled road in order to evolve.

Any updating of a brand requires a detailed study of the current brand. Through observation and thorough analysis of its structure, forms, chromaticism and typography, a process of immersion of the brand throughout the past is started as the archetype of the path travelled by the Castro y González family.

“he brand was formed by a traditional symbol structure, logo and closure in a single version. The circular shape of the brand was one of the elements we decided to keep in order to establish a visual link with the new updated proposal(a lo mejor no lo entiendo bien, pero no debería de ser con la versión anterior del logo?). However, we did consider a radical change opting for a colour range and typography which would bring us closer to the strategic challenges posed by the customer”

_ José Carlos Vicente
creative and art direction at Kollective


The proposal:
Preserve the good things to obtain the rest.

Forms, chromaticism, structure and typography are key concepts when facing a brand update. The proposal chooses to retain the circular shapes of the symbol and extend the visual field eliminating the closure of the previous version.

On the structure level the previous structure is maintained but supplemented with various structural options allowing it to be displayed by the largest available number of media whether they are traditional or digital.

The chromaticism is the great challenge, the turnaround of the proposed update. We have opted for using colours that evoke the origins, the rationale for the company: the Iberian pastures, fields and nature. The brand’s products are born out of nature and part of the mission and vision of the company’s constant communion with the environment. A green-blue hue that evokes the sky, the grass, the oak leaves and the tonal blanket their contemplation offers, is selected.

Finally, the form of the word which tells a family story, a journey travelled so far: its typography. Opting for an easily readable specific design and an excellent capacity for reduction which pays tribute to over a century of family tradition.

“When we looked for the first time at the meadows of the Castro y González family, we understood that we needed to capture the mixture of tones that we were contemplating into a single colour. This was our challenge: to find the colour that represented the beauty before us”

_ Talio Vicente,
creative and art direction at Kollective.

Sketches and layouts.

With all the ingredients on the table, the Kollective team begins its creative stage by generating sketches and proposals to reach the goal set: a new brand for a new era. The idea of capturing three generations immersed in the company in the graphic logo is imposed as a fundamental criterion.

“It was very interesting and motivating for us to express the idea that three generations were supporting a complete family Project. We needed to integrate this message in the visual field, as we considered it vital to transmit Castro y Gonzalez’ know-how and solvency as a family and as a company”

_ Talio Vicente
creative and art direction at Kollective.

In the typographic part, special emphasis is given to readability, and cogency and its use in international markets are presented as vital requirements.

“The challenge was to obtain a typography in which punctuation marks are integrated so that their implementation is the same in the Spanish language as in any other Western language”

_ José Carlos Vicente
creative and art direction at Kollective.

The bluish-green colour range of the meadows combined with the elegant tones of grey representing the company’s business solvency, are defined as the supporting tonal elements of the chromaticism of the new brand.

“From the beginning we had a very clear idea about the bluish-green tonal range and the choice of the palette of grey tones was decisive to give the touch of solvency, elegance and strength that the company inspired us from the beginning”

_ Talio Vicente
creative and art direction at Kollective.


The final result:
Three generations dedicated to the creation of natural iberian products.

The new González y Castro brand represents the desire of a company which wants to grow respecting its best supplier: nature. A brand that tells the story of three generations dedicated to creating natural Iberian products that have their origin in the Iberian meadows. A family that wants to share its expertise not only at national level, but also globally.

“The result has far exceeded our expectations. We have managed to capture the short, medium and long term aspirations laid out by the company in a convincing way. We are certain that it is a great supporting point for carrying out successfully any plans the company might set out.”

_ José Carlos Vicente / Talio Vicente
creative and art direction at Kollective.